I'm one of the luckiest people I know as everyday I get to roll out bed and work with dogs.

My story is like that of many people, hills and valleys. 

Rough patches for sure.

But not without blessings by the boat load as well.

Having been born and raised in Wisconsin I learned the importance of Faith,Family and Love.

My whole life I have been crazy about dogs.

 I'm sure gave my mom a lot of scary moments as I lunged for every dog I saw.

I remember telling her when I was little - Mom when I grow up I want to have puppies.

She laughed and said honey you'll have babies not puppies.

Well I was right on this one mom.

I have been a professional trainer now for 17years and have had the pleasure of helping raise 1000's of puppies.

My husband Bob and I live with three wonderful Labradors in 

Escondido Calif.

When I'm not training, walking or loving on a dog you may find me at Palomar Medical Center Volunteering as Coordinator for Palomar Paws Therapy Dogs.

Or perhaps out wolfing around at California Wolf  Center outside of Julian were I'm a volunteer.

I love what I do !!

And I believe it shows!!!


Meet Our Trainer