​​​​Take The Lead Canine Training offers Companion Dog

Training starting from Puppies on up.

We work with nature and have the

"NO PAIN TO TRAIN" philosophy.

I believe all dogs deserve to have the best possible life and do my utmost to help you achieve the dogs of your dreams.

There is no "MAGIC" to this !

In dog training fast is slow and slow is fast.

Don't expect to have your dog trained unless your willing to put forth the effort and be the partner they will want to please.

​some of the services we currently offer ;

Puppy Kindergarten

( ages 8-16 weeks are eligible to register).

Held every Saturday morning at The Animal Keeper in Encinitas.


Please call for more details or to confirm your pups attendance.

First week you'll arrive early for orientation at 7:45am

This class is primarily SOCIALIZATION!!

We do cover the basic commands but our main focus here is to teach the pups and new guardians (thats you) how to play and interact properly with our peers.

There is a weekly lesson but also a minimum of 30minutes of off leash highly supervised play for pups.  They all go home happy and very tired.

You can thank me later.

We have guest speakers on occasion and work a lot on making good experiences.

I will also of course help you with all the normal puppy pitfalls.

Biting, Digging,Jumping and of course housebreaking!

This is the most important stage of your puppies life and I cannot stress enough how important it is not to waste this time.

Its up to you to build a confident and social dog.


Beginners Obedience Class

( Ages 16 weeks and up)

This course is run 2 times a week currently.

Wednesday evenings

from 6:30-7:30pm 

and Saturday Mornings

from 9:30-10:30am

Located at The Animal Keeper in Encinitas

In this course you'll take the next step in partnership by teaching your dog to be a teammate.

You will learn their language and begin developing a communication and trust you'll later rely on.

It is a group class between 12-15 dogs in the class.

It is a reservation only course and you must send forms and payment in order to reserve a space.

I have two assistant trainers  as well so we can be sure to give everyone personal attention.

I'm a relationship based trainer.

In other words I'm about teaching you with trust and respect how to build a relationship with your dog that is stronger then any leash.

We cover the basics as well;

Sit,Down,Stay,Wait,Recall,Leave it,

Stand,Name recognition, Leash Awareness, Social handling and restraint.